Natterjacks’ investment in facilities and equipment is talk of the town

NATTERJACKS Vet in Poole has unveiled its new look following a £250,000 investment in state-of-the art equipment and a building extension.

The investment includes a new CT scanner – the only CT scanner of its kind in Dorset – a consulting room, a dedicated dental theatre, a further operating theatre and new staff rooms.

A CT scanner machine produces highly-detailed 3D scans which can reveal the tiniest abnormalities in pet patients, previously impossible to obtain using traditional x-ray machines.

Andy Matthew, clinical director at Natterjacks Vet, said that an extension had to be built onto the practice to house the CT scanner, and it would vastly open up the availability of this technology in the south west of England.

Talking of the benefits of the investment, Andy said: “These are some groundbreaking additions to the practice that will ensure that we continue to provide our growing family with the highest level of veterinary care possible.

“We have made optimal use of the space available for us to expand and the fantastic new equipment, particularly the revolutionary CT scanner, will mean we will be able to accurately investigate and treat a wide range of conditions that we would not have been able to diagnose before.

“We all love watching The Supervet on television but for local pet owners it will mean they have this sort of technology right on their doorstep. We will also be offering the CT scanner to all local practices for use on an outpatient basis.”

Natterjacks Vet in Poole unveil their new look which includes a CT scanner suite. Clinical Director Julian Street with Head Nurse Vicky Knight and veterinary nurse Suzie Bacon.

The CT scanner is particularly good for spotting skull, bone, joint, respiratory and cancer conditions.

The technology also works extremely fast, minimising the time an animal is anaesthetised or sedated.

Natterjacks Vet also has a branch in Bournemouth which benefitted from recent investment including an endoscopy suite, extra consulting room and dedicated dental theatre.


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